CBS All Access is now available on Amazon video

But only the $10 top-tier plan.

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EMPICS Entertainment
EMPICS Entertainment

CBS' streaming service All Access is now available on Amazon Channels, giving Prime members easier access to the network's online-only hits and backlog. Which is just in time to catch second half of the service's flagship show, Star Trek: Discovery, which will start airing on January 7th.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime users can only connect their higher-tier $10 commercial-free option to Amazon Channels, so those using their $6 limited ads option are out of luck. Which is a shame: CBS All Access may have the hottest sci-fi show out right now, but not much other exclusive programming (though more are on the way, including a new Twilight Zone). We believe the first half of Star Trek: Discovery made the service worth subscribing to despite how frustrating it is to use, so hopefully bringing it to Amazon Channels will make it easier on customers willing to foot the cost.

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