Oculus Go headset pops up at the FCC with two models

The stand-alone VR headset may be closer than you think.

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The Oculus Go headset is edging closer to its promised early 2018 launch, and we're learning more about what that entails thanks to the necessary paperwork. A recently discovered FCC filing has revealed that the stand-alone VR headset will likely be available in models with 32GB and 64GB of storage. It's not clear if there will be microSD expansion, but we wouldn't count on it -- don't be surprised if you're paying for a higher-end model to get enough room for all your apps, even if they're smaller compared to desktop VR titles.

There aren't other significant revelations, which isn't surprising when Oculus divulged many of the core specs when it unveiled the Go back in October. However, the filing by itself (which was published in late December) is good news. It suggests that Oculus should be on track to launch its affordable VR offering, and that any obstacles are more likely to revolve around software than the device itself.

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