ASUS rounds out its all-in-one lineup with the Vivo AiO V272 and V222

Now, if only the company would tell us more about them.

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ASUS might be better-known for its laptops, but let's not forget that the Taiwanese company churns out some solid all-in-one desktops, too. Sadly, despite announcing two new models today -- the Vivo AiO V272 and V222 -- ASUS has been pretty tight-lipped with respect to specs. Consider the V272: as the model number suggests, it packs a 27-inch multitouch display and it produces 100 percent of the sRGB color gamut while offering a 178-degree field of view. Fueling the fun is one of Intel's eighth-generation Core I7 chipsets, and while this wasn't meant to be a full-blown gaming machine, the discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics should get through you a few rounds of Overwatch without too much trouble.

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Configuration options and details beyond that -- you know, like screen resolution, RAM allotments, port selection and more -- haven't yet been discussed. Ditto for just about everything the AiO V222 has going for it; literally all ASUS has been willing to say so far is that it has a 22-inch, 1080p display, though we've also spotted four USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port around the back. We'd like to think you'll be able to pick one of these machines up soon but, surprise, surprise, that information hasn't been announced yet either.

ASUS's generally good track record with these machines means they're probably perfectly functional options for folks itching to ditch their desktop rigs in favor of something more compact. For now, you should know two things: These machines exist, and we'll update you with more details as soon as ASUS decides to start talking.

Gallery: ASUS AiO V222 press images | 8 Photos


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