ASUS continues its glorious tradition of spaceship routers with the RT-AX88U

So. Much. Bandwidth.

it wouldn't be CES if we didn't have some crazy new routers to check out. Enter the ASUS RT-AX88U. Unlike some past ASUS routers, this one is a bit of a sleeker, perhaps more dangerous beast. But let's get beyond its stealth fighter looks and dig into the specs. As ASUS first announced back at IFA last fall, the RT-AX88U will be its first 802.11ax WiFi router, with wild theoretical speeds of up to 6,000Mbps. Of course, you'll need a home connection capable of pushing that bandwidth and 801.11ax-compatible hardware, but that's beside the point. This beast also has eight wired Ethernet ports for your devices that don't need to be mobile. Sadly, we still don't have pricing or availability behind "1H 2018." In the meantime, just enjoy the style.

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