Essential is working to fix its sluggish touchscreens

But a fix probably won’t be available anytime soon.

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The Essential Phone launched last August, but five months later, there are still some issues with the phone that remain unfixed. One of those is the lagging touch latency. If you have a PH-1, though, know that Essential hasn't forgotten about the problem and it's not just brushing it aside. As 9to5Google reports, during a recent Reddit AMA, Essential engineers said that they have dedicated resources specifically aimed at improving touch latency. "There are trade offs we are testing internally and our goal is to provide something in the 8.1 release we just need to make sure by fixing the jitter issue that we are not creating another problem," they said. "Sorry this is taking so long, we just want to get it right given how vocal our audience is."

So the good news is there's a fix on the way. The bad news is you'll have to wait a little while for it. Essential's Oreo software is still in beta, so the Android 8.1 release is going to take that much longer.

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