Netflix orders a weekly show hosted by Joel McHale

First episode airs February 18th.

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Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Netflix has snagged several former show hosts to head their own programs, from Chelsea Handler to David Letterman. Next on the list is Joel McHale, who notably starred in the priceless sitcom Community but got big helming E! channel's unscripted pop culture-gouging talk show The Soup. For Netflix, he'll host The Joel McHale Show Starring Joel unscripted pop culture-gouging talk show.

In fact, Netflix's other star-hosted shows are similarly patterned after the programs that got them famous: Letterman interviewed President Obama on his show's first episode with a list of high-profile celebrities to follow, while Chelsea Handler helmed her own talk show for two seasons.

Like The Soup, which McHale hosted from 2004 to 2015, his new show will feature him talking in front of a green screen to preserve the lo-fi feel. Heck, Netflix even brought The Soup executive producer K.P. Anderson on to The Joel McHale Show Starring Joel McHale, so the new show will likely carry over a lot of the old (and also benefit from producer Paul Feig, the guy behind Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids and the new Ghostbusters). McHale's program will start airing on Netflix on February 18th, with a new half-hour show arriving every week.

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