Nintendo will pull the plug on 'Miitomo' in May

Its mobile game/social network experiment didn't quite pan out.


Before Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, there was Miitomo. A sort of social network in disguise, it was Nintendo's first push into mobile gaming on iOS and Android, but now the company has announced it will shut down May 9th. It rocketed to the top of app stores upon release in 2016 and gained more than 10 million users, but just as quickly fell off since it lacked basic features that would keep players coming back. Eventually, things like chat and increased customization arrived, but it was too little too late.

A note on the website informs users that the sale of premium coins has ended, however, it will offer daily login bonuses from now until it shuts down as part of a "Final Thank You Festival." Once the lights go out at 3 AM ET on May 9th, users won't be able to see or use any of its features.

They'll need to save Miifotos locally to their device before the shutdown, and backup any Sidekick Mii characters they'd like to save as a QR code usable on 3DS or Wii U. To save your Mii, you'll need to link a Nintendo Account, but all you'll get is its look -- the personality will not carry over. At least we still have Pokémon Go.