SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch is reportedly set for February 6th (updated)

It's hard to believe it's so close.

It looks as though it's finally happening. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket may have a launch date, according to Chris G. of The rocket will launch no earlier than February 6th, with a window of 1:30 PM ET to 4:30 PM ET. There's a backup window on February 7th, just in case. We've reached out to SpaceX for confirmation.

This has been a long road for the Falcon Heavy, but SpaceX appears to be moving swiftly, following the successful static fire test earlier this week. It's worth mentioning that this launch date is not set in stone; there's a Falcon 9 launch that must happen next week to clear the way for the Falcon Heavy. Still, it's exciting to have an actual date after so much waiting.

Update 1/27: Elon Musk has confirmed that SpaceX is "aiming for" a February 6th launch.