HQ Trivia scraps $20 minimum requirement to withdraw prizes

No need to pull your hair out trying to win again and again.

Updated ·1 min read

Got a few bucks sitting in HQ Trivia limbo these past couple of months? You'll be happy to hear this, then: the app no longer requires a minimum balance for withdrawal. You can get your prize money no matter how small it is, so you don't have to endlessly try to win again and again just to be able to collect $20. HQ Trivia, which debuted to great success late last year, is a trivia app that takes on a gameshow format. Gameplay is live, and you can only play at specific times twice a day.

While you do win real money if you get all the answers in a round correctly, the app made it incredibly tough to collect. In addition to the $20 minimum, you'll also have make a withdrawal within 90 days or lose what you've already won. As anybody who's ever played HQ Trivia will tell you, it's not easy to win multiple times, and it's even harder to rack up prizes. Although each round's prize money is worth thousands of dollars, there are so many players that each winner usually just get a couple of bucks. Now that you can withdraw your money no matter the amount, you can finally treat yourself every time you win... even if it's just something from McDonald's dollar menu.