iOS 11.3 will let iPhone X users approve family purchases with Face ID

It solves an irritating problem for parents using the Ask to Buy feature.

Updated ·1 min read
Bloomberg via Getty Images

iPhone users will a get a handful of new capabilities when Apple releases iOS 11.3 this spring, one of which is sure to be welcomed by parents with an iPhone X. With the introduction of Face ID, some processes got a little easier for iPhone users, but parents who approve their children's purchases through the Ask to Buy feature have been a little irritated with the system. That's because while Touch ID-enabled iPhones let parents use their fingerprints to approve a child's purchase request, the iPhone X has been forcing parents to input their password each time. However, that's about to change because it appears iOS 11.3 will allow Face ID for purchase approvals.

While testing iOS 11.3 beta, 9to5Mac found that while the first Ask to Buy request still required a password, the system then asked if the user would like to enable Face ID for future Family Sharing approvals. Clicking "Enable" then sets that up and a password is no longer required.

Other features coming with iOS 11.3 include a battery health monitor, the ability to disable slowdowns, improvements to ARKit and Health Records.