Google Photos uses AI to make videos for multiple occasions

There are now a host of new templates, from 'Meow Movie' to 'In Loving Memory,' on mobile and the web.

Google Photos has been making themed videos from uploaded pictures for a while now. Originally introduced in late 2016, the AI-powered videos have already substituted for for an actual Mother's Day card. You can also see all your smiles from 2017 in a special selfie compilation video. Now Google is expanding its automatic video creation chops again with nine different themed movie sets that you can create via the Google Photos app or on the web. The service is rolling out to most countries today, with more to come over the next year.

The themes are pretty self-explanatory; themed movie titles include "They Grow Up So Fast," "Meow Movie," "Selfie Movie," "Valentine's Day Movie" and "In Loving Memory." All you need to do is open the Google Photos app, tap on the Assistant tab and then tap on Movie. You can also make a quick flick on the web, too. Once you've chosen a theme and the people or pets to start in it, Google will do the rest, adding appropriate photos and canned music. I clicked on Selfie Movie and it just told me to wait; the site sent me a notification on my iPhone soon after to let me know the movie was done. Tweaking the result is pretty easy via the iOS or Android app's movie editor. That's a good thing: the selfie movie it made for me was pretty, well, basic, but that will likely depend on the photos you have uploaded to the service.