Google gives Gmail the Android Go treatment to save data and storage

The app offers regular Gmail features for less-capable phones.


Last December, Google launched Android Go, a lightweight operating system for less capable phones typically used in places like India and Indonesia. The company has also been creating apps for these less-capable phones, too, including YouTube Go and a Go-enabled Assistant. Now Google has Gmail Go, a Gmail client made to use less data and storage space for lower end Android phones.

Users will still get the smart inbox behavior of the regular Gmail app, 15 GB of free storage space and support for both IMAP and POP email protocols. According to TechCrunch, several reports show the app coming in as a 9.51 MB download, which expands to 25 MB once installed. The regular Gmail app downloads at 20.66 MB and expands to 47 MB on your device. Google declined to comment when we reached out for more info.