Google's Project Fi now covers 170 countries with international data

You can also check whether you're covered through the carrier's app.

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Project Fi's same-as-at-home international data is now decidedly more useful -- including before you've even left. The Google-run carrier has expanded its travel coverage from "over 135" countries to 170, including nations like Belize, Monaco, Nigeria and Tunisia. You'll still pay $10 per 1GB up to 6GB (with another 9GB free), with unlimited texting and calls at 20 cents per minute. The additions may not make or break your vacation plans, but they could reduce doubts about whether or not it's safe to document your vacation on Instagram.

And if you're not sure... well, there's help. The Project Fi app now looks at your upcoming international flights in Gmail and automatically sends a notification beforehand to show you the cost of data where you're going. You can turn this off if you'd rather not be pestered, but it could be crucial if there's any lingering doubts about coverage.

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