Snapchat adds Giphy's GIF stickers to liven up your Stories

It's also adding tabs to the Discover and Friends sections.

Usually you see Instagram borrowing features from Snapchat, but the reverse is true this time around. Snapchat has added GIF stickers from Giphy's library to its Android and iOS apps, giving you a considerably wider selection to choose from when crafting your Stories -- just like Instagram did a few weeks ago. The stickers are singled out in the app when you search for them, so you don't have to wade through regular Snap-created stickers if you're looking for some variety. There are some interface tweaks coming along for the ride, too.

The Snapchat app now has tabs in both the Discover and Friends sections, which should help you find just the Stories you want. You can look just at friends with active Stories, for instance, or your subscribed Stories in another.

The Giphy addition reflects Snap's determination to keep pace with Instagram and add new users. It doesn't want to lose you just because your favorite sticker is only available elsewhere. At the same time, this signals just how much influence Giphy has on the tech world. Its animated GIFs are quickly becoming omnipresent. They're for all devices and uses, not just desktop users searching for clever memes.