Netflix: 'Stranger Things' directors aren't leaving the show

A rumor indicated they'll be less involved after season three.

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Richard Lawler
February 20, 2018 9:19 PM
Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

We haven't heard much about the next season of Stranger Things, but a rumor on indicated that its directors, Ross and Matt Duffer, will be less involved after season three wraps up. This evening, Netflix tweeted "Rumors that the Duffer Bros are leaving Stranger Things after season 3 are false," which doesn't exactly refute the report, but hopefully means our Eggos and walkie-talkies are safe. The reported cited a source claiming the two would step back to work on two other projects for Netflix, so this could just mean they're more spread around. Still, we'll be watching carefully to make sure the quality holds up.

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