Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 streams music to multiple Bluetooth devices

Broadcast Audio promises near-perfect synchronization.

Qualcomm's newest flagship platform, the Snapdragon 845, already promises a lot of things to be excited about in terms of its graphics, camera support and AI processing, and now the company has announced a Broadcast Audio function, which will let users stream music to numerous Bluetooth devices simultaneously. So a group could listen to the same music via Bluetooth headphones, for example, or you could play a podcast throughout your house via multiple speakers. And with automatic retransmission and packet-loss concealment, the feature promises near-perfect synchronization.

This kind of one-to-many sound broadcasting pushes the capabilities of traditional Bluetooth in a way that makes it a viable alternative to platform exclusive smart speakers, especially if you're all about multi-room playback. Why commit to multiple HomePods or Echos if you want to listen to Classic FM on a Sunday morning while you potter around the house, when you can just stream to your existing devices? Putting smart speakers to one side, though, Broadcast Audio lets users share and participate in sound in a way that brings people together, which is what music is all about, so it's surprising that Snapdragon didn't get this feature sooner.