Amazon’s AR shopping tool is now available on Android

It lets you see how items will look in your home before you buy them.

Last year, Amazon debuted AR View, its augmented reality shopping tool that lets you see how certain items will look in your home before you buy them. At launch, it was only available on iOS, but as of today, 9to5Google reports, it's available on Android devices as well. To use it, open the Amazon app and tap the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select AR View and then you can try out all sorts of products like electronics, furniture and toys.

Google released ARCore 1.0 last week, which allowed Amazon to bring the feature to Android devices. But Amazon certainly isn't the first company to use AR as a sales tool. IKEA also has a feature that lets you virtually try out its products in your home as does Target. Williams-Sonoma announced plans for a similar feature last year while Sephora and Benefit have AR tools that let you try on makeup or find your perfect eyebrow shape.

You can check out a video of Amazon's AR View in action in the video below.