Leave video voicemail for your unanswered Google Duo calls

You can record 30-second videos and send it to friends.

Google's Duo app is making it possible to leave more than just a voice mail when it isn't enough. The big G's app now allows you to record 30-second video messages when the person you're calling isn't picking up or declines your call for some reason. Simply tap the "Leave video message" icon when it pops up, record your video and then send that clip of your dog doing silly things or fun get-togethers to your relatives and friends.

Of course, you can't leave video messages when calling contacts who don't have the Duo app. The videos can only be accessed within the application -- the recipient only needs to tap your icon and then tap "Call now" to call you back. Google says those messages are end-to-end encrypted and will disappear 24 hours after being watched, but adding them to "favorites" downloads and saves them locally. You can start blasting video messages to friends very, very soon: the feature is rolling out on iOS and Android today and will be on everyone's phones (well, everyone who uses it anyway) in the next few days.