Hulu adds sports features to Live TV just in time for March Madness

You can also watch some coverage in 60fps.

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Just in time for March Madness, Hulu has added features for its Live TV service keyed specifically to the month-long event. Did you like choosing particular sports during the recent Winter Olympics and having Hulu curate coverage per your interests? They're bringing it back for the basketball finals: Just pick your favorite NCAA men's and women's teams and the service will make sure you never miss their games.

In practice, this means automatically recording those teams' games and bumping them to the top of your coverage feed. Hulu apps on iOS and Android will also tip you off when the games are about to start. Live TV subscribers will be able to watch all of March Madness appearing on TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV in most cities, according to Hulu's blog post.

And Hulu Live TV subscribers can watch some of those (like CBS) on 60fps. The service has expanded its list of channels available in the high-speed format -- for basketball fans, this includes the relevant Fox and NBC sports options. This adds on to the first round of networks made available in 60fps last month, including TNT and TBS.

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