This penguin selfie is the best thing you'll see all day

Two penguins wandered over to a camera left near their colony.

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Australian Antarctic Division
Australian Antarctic Division

Animal selfies will never not be wonderful and lucky for us all, there's another one to add to the collection. As the Washington Post reports, Eddie Gault, a researcher with the Australian Antarctic Division, put a camera on the ground near an emperor penguin colony at the Auster Rookery in Antarctica. Shortly thereafter, a couple of penguins wandered over and started checking out the camera. And since it was already recording, it captured some fantastic, up-close images of the pair. You can check out the recording below.

Because the camera was set to record by Gault and not the penguins, I guess it doesn't technically count as a selfie, but it also means that the team will hopefully be able to avoid the legal issues that followed the 2011 "monkey selfie." David Slater, the photographer whose camera the monkey used to snap the image, was sued by PETA, which claimed the male crested black macaque's copyright had been infringed when Slater published the image in a book. The dispute was ultimately settled last year when Slater agreed to donate 25 percent of his future revenue from the macaque's selfies to charities that work to protect the species' habitat.

If watching this video leaves you wanting for more animal selfies, head over to The Verge to watch a thieving eagle peck at a camera it snatched from a riverbank.

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