Every PS4 Pro game now supports supersampling for 1080p gamers

And it's about time.

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The latest PlayStation 4 software update is here, and it gives Pro consoles the ability to make games look better, even if you're playing on an older TV. PS4 version 5.50 comes with a supersampling mode for the Pro console, which shows games at a higher resolution and with four times the amount of visual and color info than usual. The output upgrade was designed to reduce jagged edges and to ultimately make images look sharper and clearer. In addition, the latest update adds shortcuts for music playback: square for volume control on Spotify and the Media Player and triangle for play or pause.

That's not all version 5.50 has to offer, though. You can now also use images from a USB stick as a custom wallpaper and as a Team Logo or a tournament page background. If you're a parent, the new Play Time Management feature within Family Management will allow you to control when and how long each child can play. For instance, you can limit your kid to an hour of playtime during weekdays, and only between 5PM to 7PM. During weekends, you can give your kid permission to play for, say, four hours between 12PM and 8PM.

You'll now find new tabs within the Library that makes it easier to organize and find your stuff. The Quick Menu now has a drop down custom friends list, as well, giving you an easy way to see who's online. Version 5.50 also allows you to permanently delete old notifications and to schedule events directly from the tournament page. Plus, it adds a PS VR icon next to games on your list that's compatible with Sony's virtual reality headset. The update is rolling out today and will probably be ready to download and install next time you look.

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