Here's what you missed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Automakers are making sure you know EVs are the future.

This year's Geneva Motor Show seemed to be all about going fast without stopping at the gas pump. Gas-powered vehicles continue to dominate the market, but automakers took the opportunity to showcase their electrified roadmap as they transition from oil to electrons.

From supercar concepts like the Rimac Concept 2, to SUV's that rival the Tesla Model X from Jaguar and Audi, this year's show demonstrated the automotive world's commitment to battery-powered vehicles. Even concept cars that will never make their way to an assembly line are now EVs. Hyundai's Le Fil Rouge, its design blueprint for the future, was an EV.

It's still early days for the EV as drivers overwhelmingly purchase gas-powered vehicles over electric. But while our collective preference is for internal combustion, the electric vehicle is clearly here to stay and frankly, it's tough to overlook the offerings coming from automakers.

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