Apple Maps now includes bike-sharing locations in 179 cities

Apple partnered with Ito World to expand its bike-sharing data.

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Apple and Ito World have partnered to bring bike-sharing dock information to Apple Maps, TechCrunch reports. Now, in a number of cities, users can just type "bike sharing" or the name of a bike-sharing service into the Apple Maps search bar and it will show you all of the nearby docks as well as the bike-sharing service's website and phone number. Ito World's bike share data feed currently includes information for 179 cities in 36 countries.

Apple began working bike-sharing info into Maps last April, but the company's partnership with Ito World greatly expands the amount of available bike-sharing data. There are a few limitations though. Apple Maps can show you where bike-sharing docks are located but not how many bikes are available or how many docks are currently empty and it can't give you information on dockless bike-sharing services.

The new feature helps Apple Maps compete with Google Maps, which also lets users search for bike-sharing docks. Apple Maps' bike-sharing feature is available now.

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