Firefox can block pesky site notification requests

You can also stop them from asking for access to your camera.

Website push notifications can be helpful. The way you're asked to enable those notifications? Not so much -- the constant requests can drive you up the wall when you're just trying to check the latest news. Mozilla is coming to your rescue. Its newly released Firefox 59 for the desktop gives you the option to block notification requests. You can also tell the browser to block requests to use your hardware or location, for that matter. You'll have to dig deep into the settings (it's under permissions) to turn these features off, but they should make your web surfing relatively hassle-free.

It's a relatively minor update beyond that, although that's not surprising given that the big Quantum overhaul is just a few months old. The biggest improvements are faster page loading times and a Private Browsing upgrade that strips out potentially identifying referral links. Really, this update is for those who hate nagging websites -- everything else is just gravy.