Magic Leap releases its first set of AR developer tools

Still no clue on the actual hardware, though.

We've been anticipating Magic Leap's as-yet unreleased mixed reality gear for quite some time now. We know that the AR headset will be dubbed the Magic Leap One, will cost around $1,000 and will have applications for music as well as gaming. Still, the number of things we don't know about the gear is pretty significant. Now, however, the company appears to be lifting the veil a little bit with a new Creator Portal, which seems to contain more information for developers interested in the device as a platform, with a simulator, developer community, learning resources and an SDK to get started making apps for the unreleased device.

It's pretty easy to sign up, too. Just a simple email authentication and then agreeing to some licensing legal language, and you're in. Once there, you can check out an entire learning area full of tutorials, best practices and getting started guides to, well, get started. There's also information on the Magic Leap's Lumin OS, a custom-built operating system based on open source/Linux tools. There's even an app store, called Magic Leap World, which might let developers sell their creations directly to device owners. All of this new content makes sense if Magic Leap truly wants to create the spacial computing future it wants to herald in.