Facebook plans to brief Congress on the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Company representatives are meeting with committee staffers today.

Facebook is obviously in some very hot water in regards to Cambridge Analytica's use of its users' data. US Congress, the UK Parliament and even the FTC are looking for answers and Facebook is now agreeing to answer them. A company spokesperson has told us that Facebook representatives will be in Washington DC today and tomorrow meeting with staffers for the House and Senate Intel Committees, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Senate Commerce Committee and the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. Bloomberg reports that details on committee briefings are being worked out.

Since reports on the Cambridge Analytica scandal (you can read more about that here) began to surface, a number of entities have sought answers from both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. US Senator Ron Wyden sent Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a letter this week that requested more information about the situation and the UK Parliament has asked Zuckerberg himself to appear before its Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

Facebook representatives are working to hammer out when and how Senate and House briefings will take place as well who from the company will attend them.