Live the startup 'dream' in the ‘Silicon Valley’ VR Hacker Hostel

RIGBY it would be nice if it came out before the show's fifth season debuts on March 25th.

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If you've enjoyed HBO's Silicon Valley over the last four seasons, chances are you're keyed in to the same tech and startup scenes that the show satires. Which means you might have an HTC Vive, which is the platform of choice for the upcoming VR experience based on the show. If you want to roam around the suburban "startup incubator" where the Pied Piper team makes the magic happen, Silicon Valley VR: Inside The Hacker Hostel is coming soon to HTC's headset.

You'll wander the team's Bay Area home/casual workplace and perform hundreds of 'interactive experiences,' including tasks requested in videos from the Pied Piper team. (Yes, some of the main cast shows up, with the likely exception of T.J. Miller, who left the show back in July.) Sure, the Silicon Valley VR experience will probably be Job Simulator set in the show's world, but its developer Rewind took 360-degree imagery of Silicon Valley's set to painstakingly recreate it in virtual reality, according to Fast Company. It's unclear when it'll be available for HTC Vive users, but the experience is intended to launch close to the debut of the show's fifth season, which returns on March 25th.

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