Lynk & Co's shareable cars launch outside of China in 2020

It's also offering a peek at its 02 crossover SUV.

Volvo's sister brand Lynk & Co has made a fuss over its connected, shareable cars, but there's been a catch: they haven't been available outside of China. You might have a chance to buy one elsewhere, however. Alongside a peek at its new 02 crossover SUV (more on that in a bit), the fledgling auto badge has confirmed that it will start selling cars in Europe in 2020. As before, it's ditching conventional dealerships in favor of both its website and "Offline Stores" that are really boutiques. The first store will open in Amsterdam, with follow-ups due in Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and London.

Appropriately, European production will take place at Volvo's base in Belgium.

As for the 02? Lynk & Co isn't saying much about the actual specs, but it's promising a hatchback-style crossover that's lower, shorter and sportier than the 01. The focus, as always, is more on the business model. It was one of the first brands to offer car subscriptions on top of the usual purchasing options, and you can share your car with others through a mobile app. You could offset the cost of the car by renting it out, or just let friends borrow it without having to give them physical keys.

There's no word on a timetable for a North American launch yet, but the company has been exploring manufacturing on the continent. Volvo is opening its first US plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina in 2018, and it would be relatively easy for Lynk & Co to piggyback on that factory for a debut in the region.