MoviePass adds Landmark Theatres to its subscription service

Now you can catch those indie flicks with your $6.95 monthly fee.

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Shutterstock / Mikhail Malyshev
Shutterstock / Mikhail Malyshev

MoviePass, the popular cinema subscription service, just added another large theater company to its roster. While some movie theater groups, like Cinemark, have begun to offer their own (far less generous) take on the idea, others are jumping onboard. MoviePass announced its partnership with Landmark Theaters, known for its indie films and noticeably absent from the service. The agreement integrates MoviePass into Landmark Theatres' ticketing system, adding e-ticketing, advanced screening reservations and in-app seat selection to the movie-going experience.

According to the press release, Landmark operates 255 screens in 53 theaters across 27 markets nationwide, including Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Minnesota and others. MoviePass claims it has more than two million members in the US. "We are excited to offer MoviePass customers access to our Landmark Theatres," said Landmark co-owner Mark Cuban in a statement. "There is no better place to watch a movie than Landmark and now MoviePass customers will be able to enjoy all of our theaters."

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