Magic Leap developer units must be kept in locked safes

That's one way to stop leaks.

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Magic Leap
Magic Leap

Magic Leap is known for its secrecy. The company kept its One headset under wraps for years, teasing out details with ambiguous conference speeches and restrictive press opportunities. It should come as no surprise, then, to hear that developer units are being shipped out with an unusual caveat: while not in use, they have to be kept in locked safes. The detail comes from Bloomberg alongside confirmation of a "limited" developer roll out (a larger batch of units will be sent out later this year.) It's safe to assume that the company wants to avoid the fabled iPhone 4 incident.

We still know remarkably little about the Magic Leap One. It resembles a pair of cyberpunk goggles -- available in two sizes, reportedly -- with a single strap that loops round the back of the wearer's skull. The headset is wired to a disc-shaped computer that clips onto the user's belt or trouser pocket, and control is handled by a small wireless remote. It promises a mixed reality experience that eclipses Microsoft HoloLens, though for now our only evidence is a cautiously positive Rolling Stone feature. Investors seem to be on board, at least — earlier this month the company raised an enviable $461 million from Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm.

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