New York City's WiFi kiosks now offer real-time bus arrivals

Know at a glance when to rush to your stop.

Numerous cities display real-time bus arrivals on public screens, but New York City? Not so much -- you'll probably have to pull out your phone to know if you have a chance of making your ride. That shouldn't be a problem before long, as the city has launched a pilot program that puts real-time bus info on LinkNYC's gigabit WiFi kiosks. Visit one of 29 kiosks in Brooklyn's City Council District 39 and you can see arrival times for nearby stops at a glance, letting you know when you need to hustle.

The two plan to bring arrivals to kiosks in every borough in the "coming weeks."

LinkNYC's stations were initially focused on plain internet access, phone charging and other fundamentals, but they've gradually rolled in features like social service access and even messages to Santa. Bus data is just a logical extension of that strategy -- the kiosks are quickly becoming catch-alls for any info that might be helpful when you're navigating the sidewalks.