Mophie pad offers fast wireless charging for Apple and Samsung phones

You don't have to be picky about devices to recharge in a hurry.

You frequently have to be picky when you get a fast wireless charging pad: a device that tops up your Galaxy S9 at high speed might recharge your partner's iPhone X at a humdrum pace. Mophie thinks it can create some harmony with its new Charge Stream Pad+, however. The Qi-compatible puck delivers the maximum wireless charging speed possible for both Apple and Samsung handsets, topping out at 7.5W for the iPhone X/8 and 10W for numerous Galaxy models. Mophie's original iPhone-oriented pad stopped at 7.5W regardless of the device you were using, so it wasn't particularly compelling unless you lived in an Apple-centric household.

This new version also uses a standard USB to micro-USB connection instead of a custom connector, which should be helpful if you ever damage the cord. It's USB-A, though, so this won't help if you're trying to move everything to USB-C. The catch, as always, is the cost. The Charge Stream Pad+ costs $60, or considerably more than what you'll pay for chargers that only fast charge Samsung gear (Anker's costs $26, for example). You're paying for the promise of multi-vendor support, the polished design and wider availability -- you can wander into a Verizon store to get Mophie's pad where many wireless chargers are only available online. If you have no intention of using Apple hardware, this won't deliver the greatest bang for the buck.