Check right now if Cambridge Analytica used your Facebook data

A new page in Facebook's Help Center explains if you were affected.

In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, you're probably wondering: Was I actually affected? After all, the company obtained data on 87 million users (that's the current estimate, anyway.) Facebook has, thankfully, started sending News Feed notifications to explain whether users' accounts were affected. If you're still waiting for yours to come through, however, you can visit this page and find out immediately. In short, it explains if you or your friends ever logged into This Is Your Digital Life — the quiz app developed by university researcher Dr Aleksandr Kogan, which Cambridge Analytica used to profile and manipulate users.

It's the latest attempt by Facebook to apologise for what happened and ensure similar data harvesting doesn't happen again. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has promised to investigate "every app that has access to a large amount of information." The company has already suspended AggregateIQ and CubeYou for Cambridge Analytica-style tactics, and strengthened a bunch of data policies, which include disabling the ability to search for users by email address and phone number, and restricting the information accessible through its Events API. Zuckerberg, if you need a reminder, is scheduled to testify at a joint Senate hearing later today.