Amazon appears to be expanding its Prime Wardrobe service

It lets you try on clothes at home before you buy them.

Last June, Amazon announced a clothes-by-mail service so Prime customers could try out new apparel without committing to buying it ahead of time. The service has been in beta ever since, but TechCrunch reports that it has now reached more customers. A number of people have tweeted that they have received an invitation to try Prime Wardrobe and an Amazon employee tweeted that the service had officially launched -- though that tweet has since been deleted. Additionally, the Twitter account for the University of California, Irvine's Prime Student Brand Ambassadors encouraged students to try out Prime Wardrobe in a tweet posted yesterday.

Amazon initially denied any change to the ongoing Prime Wardrobe trial, but later told TechCrunch that it had extended the service to more customers. When we reached out to Amazon for more information, we were told that Prime Wardrobe is still in an invitation-only phase.

The service takes on companies like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and DailyLook Elite that have similar offerings. For Amazon's version, Prime members can shop through a dedicated Prime Wardrobe selection of apparel and accessories, choosing three to eight items per box. Customers can then try on the items at home, having seven days to make a decision before any unwanted items must be sent back. Currently, Amazon is also offering a deal wherein customers can get $20 off if they spend at least $200 through Prime Wardrobe.

Unlike Stitch Fix, there isn't any style personalization with Prime Wardrobe. But Amazon does let you shop by occasion or style and provides suggestions through sections like "Our editors' top picks" and "Brands we love." The move makes sense for Amazon, which has been expanding its fashion-focused offerings over the last couple of years. And it could appeal to those who like the try-it-before-you-buy-it aspect of companies like Stitch Fix but don't want to commit to a monthly subscription.