Google's Safe Browsing now comes integrated into Android apps

Expect to see Google's Safe Browsing screen more frequently on Android.

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Google's Safe Browsing can now protect you from phishing attempts and harmful programs even if you're not visiting websites on Chrome. Google Play Protect has added Safe Browsing to WebView, the component that allows Android apps to display web content, by default. Since developers don't have to do anything to activate the feature, their apps will come integrated with the ability to warn you if you're visiting a URL with potentially malicious content.

The capability is powered by the same underlying technology as Chrome on Android and will trigger the same red screen warning and network error. It can tell you if a website will prompt you to install dangerous software or to reveal sensitive info. Some developers will be able to customize the behavior, as well, but bottom line is that you might see the Safe Browsing screen more frequently in the future.

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