GoPro's latest trade-in program will take any digital camera

The TradeUp program gives you a discount on a Hero 6 or Fusion.

GoPro really needs you to buy its action cameras, and it's trying an uncommon take on a familiar strategy to make that happen. The company has introduced a TradeUp program in the US that gives you a discount of $50 on a Hero 6 Black or $100 on a Fusion if you trade in your old digital camera... no matter who made it. So long as the camera was worth at least $99.99 when new, you'll get that same discount. You'll clearly get more value out of this by trading in a point-and-shoot or early GoPro instead of a DSLR, but it's a good way to get rid of a device that would otherwise gather dust in the closet.

This is more comprehensive than GoPro's 2017 trade-in effort, which limited you to existing cameras. And importantly, there's no end date on this one. So long as GoPro thinks the program is viable, you can send in your old gear. The company will recycle old cams through zero-landfill methods.

The campaign makes the most sense if you were already inclined to get a Hero 6 or Fusion. There are far more affordable action cams if you don't want 4K or VR video, including GoPro's entry-level Hero. Still, the discount is just enough that it might prompt a purchase if you've been waiting for a guaranteed deal.