Dell 2-in-1 has an unknown Intel and AMD 'Pro' graphics chip

The 4.36 pound model is the "world's smallest 15-inch 2-in-1 workstation," it says.

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Dell has unveiled its new professional PC lineup, and among them was the intriguing 15-inch Precision 5530 2-in-1. Dell calls it the "world's smallest 15-inch 2-in-1 workstation," and it packs a lot of nice specs into a small, 4.36 pound body. Most interestingly, though, it comes with up to Intel's Core i7-8706G with "Radeon Pro WX Vega M GL graphics" -- the first mention of a "Pro WX" version of Intel and AMD's new compact chipset.

Other specs include 32GB of RAM max, up to 2TB of SSD storage, two Thunderbolt 3 and two USB-C 3.1 ports (that also charge it), and an all-new InfinityEdge 4K with 10-point multi-touch, optional active pen support, and 100 percent Adobe RGB coverage. In other words, the Precision 5530 2-in-1 is aimed at graphics professionals, not gamers.

The new Pro WX Vega M graphics might be identical, hardware-wise, to the regular version but with more stable, professionally-oriented drivers, rather than all-new chips. As a reminder, AMD Radeon Pro RX Vega M GL graphics offers performance about equal to NVIDIA's GTX 1050 Ti graphics, but below the GTX 1060. At the same time, it's much more compact and power-friendly than NVIDIA's offerings, allowing for smaller discrete-graphics laptops with better battery life.

Dell also unveiled the regular Precision 5530 (above), with a similar screen and memory options, but in a smaller 3.9-pound package and with Intel 8th-generation Core i7 or Intel Xeon CPUs and up to NVIDIA Quadro P2000 graphics. There's no word on pricing for the Precision 5530 2-in-1, but the regular Precision 5530 starts at a pretty decent $1,449 for what we imagine is a fairly bare-bones version. That model will be available on May 22nd, but you'll have to wait for the July/August 2018 time frame for the 2-in-1.

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