OnePlus 6 will make its debut on May 16th

You may already know what to expect.

OnePlus hasn't exactly been shy about hinting that its next phone is right around the corner, and now you know just when to expect it. The company has announced a OnePlus 6 launch event in London on May 16th at 5PM BST (that's noon Eastern). And to guarantee a packed house, it's selling roughly 1,000 tickets to fans who want to attend in person (starting at £16/$21 if you order before April 27th, £30/$41 after that). There's naturally a livestream for those who prefer to watch from home. Despite the hype, though, this may be little more than a formality -- many of the phone's details have been made public well in advance.

As with many other 2018 flagships, the OnePlus 6 is expected to center around a virtually-all-screen design -- in this case, a 6.3-inch 2,280 x 1,080 display with the seemingly obligatory notch. It won't represent a radical break from the 5T on the inside, although the Snapdragon 845 chip and doubled maximum storage (up to 256GB) will help. And to no one's surprise, leaks have the OnePlus carrying dual cameras (16MP and 20MP) on the back. This is an evolutionary phone, albeit one you might like if you're either a fan or just don't like the higher prices of OnePlus' rivals.