CamSoda starts livestreaming erotic fitness classes

No prizes for guessing what they'll use to motivate you.

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Plenty of companies are getting in on the live-streamed fitness class thing, so it's no surprise to see CamSoda leaping on the bandwagon. The webcam platform is launching CamSoda Fit, a way for folks to partake in hour-long, live fitness classes to help them get, or stay, trim and slim. Except, and you might have already guessed the twist here, the trainers featured are also webcam performers.

The rosters of instructors include Fitprincess and Kelsi Monroe, who have experience (and credentials) in health and fitness outside of their CamSoda careers. These trainers will host three classes a week, covering Yoga, Bodyweight and HIIT, and will be entirely free of charge. If you enjoy those, and want a more intimate class with the trainer of your choice, you can pony up for a one-to-one session afterward.

"Ever take a class at the gym and wish your instructor would teach you with her clothes off," explains CamSoda's Daryn Parker. "By leveraging our cam models, many of whom are workout gurus," he added, "we figured out a way to offer our fans a convenient, fun and effective way to get in shape for summer." Although we have to wonder if folks aren't risking serious injury by attempting high-intensity routines while tumescent.

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