Twitter’s Windows app finally has recent features

Like 280 characters, bookmarking and an Explore tab.

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Twitter updated its Windows 10 app back in 2015, adding top tweets, trending stories and social features to Microsoft's operating system. Now, Twitter is bringing its focus back to Windows yet again with an "updated experience" for Windows users via Twitter's Progressive Web App (PWA). The new web app is optimized for the April 2018 update, and adds support for 280 character tweets, the topical Explore tab, bookmarks, and improved accessibility for screen readers.

Progressive Web Apps may look and act like native Windows apps, but they're really just a way to package up content from a specific web site, like Twitter in this case. A company blog post explains that this new release is a way to commit to Windows, and "is part of a longer-term strategy to reach greater feature parity to all of our platforms." The team also promises additional features like night mode in the coming "weeks and months." Previous versions of the Twitter app will no longer be supported starting June 1st, so you'll want to update to the new PWA soon.

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