Watch the Google I/O 2018 keynote in under 20 minutes

AI, Android and accessibility.

Google's annual developer conference usually gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the company for the next several months. This year's I/O opening keynote was no different as yesterday's 2-hour event was jam-packed with AI, Android, accessibility and more. We saw the new Android swipe navigation UI in action -- gone are the trio of buttons you've come to know and loathe. And we heard all about the under the hood changes that will make your phone's battery last longer and put little "slices" of apps at your fingertips throughout the OS. But, being a Google event, the big focus was on AI. Machine learning is power everything from news curation to image recognition and eve enabling you to copy and paste text from the real world to your phone.

You probably don't have a couple hours to burn rewatching the whole thing, so we've distilled the important bits down to a 20-minute clip. While take a snack break this morning, you can catch up on what you might've missed in a fraction of the time. Though, after you have your mind blown by the Google Assistant making a phone call and booking a hair appointment you may to go lay down for a while.

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