Horror game 'Hello Neighbor' is heading to PS4 and Switch

It'll arrive on the platforms on July 27th.

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Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor

A stealth horror PC game called Hello Neighbor will have you sneaking into your creepy neighbor's house again and again until you unravel his sinister secrets. What's truly interesting about the game, however, is that your neighbor gets smarter the more you play -- the villain's AI learns from your actions and reacts to them accordingly. Sneaked in through the front door? He'll install CCTVs to prevent you from getting in again. That kind of thing. Unfortunately, the game was exclusively available for PC and the Xbox One. That thankfully won't be the case soon enough: Hello Neighbor for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch will come out on July 27th, 2018.

It sounds like you'll even be able to buy physical versions of the game. In its announcement, Gearbox Publishing said you can now pre-order the Switch and PS4 versions from Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop. The PS4 version will set you back $30, while the Switch version will cost you $10 more. No matter what version you choose, though, you'll have to outsmart the creepy neighbor's AI in order to find out what he hid in his basement and win the game.

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