Fujifilm unveils its first square-format analog Instax camera

It's Instagram for those who don't want digital.

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Fujifilm's Instax SQ10 is already available if you want to take square-format instant photos, but what if its half-digital technology is still too close to Instagram for your tastes? Don't worry, you're covered. The company has unveiled the Instax Square SQ6, its first analog camera to take (you guessed it) square shots. The closest you get to digital is the programmable electronic shutter release -- otherwise, it''s mostly a throwback to the pre-digital days. Not that you go without some creature comforts.

The camera includes motor-based macro, landscape and double exposure focus modes to help with your creativity, and a 10-second timer will help you compose old-school selfies. You can likewise expect to shoot about 300 pictures (30 10-packs of film) on the included lithium batteries.

Fujifilm is betting on another feature to draw you in even if you aren't sold on analog photography: the price. The SQ6 will arrive on May 25th for $130, or less than half the cost of the SQ10. At that cost, it could be easy to give up some digital conveniences.

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