Belkin's 3.5mm to Lightning cable delivers retro connectivity

Take that, jack-less iPhones.

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Apple doing away with the iPhone's headphone jack was supposed to make life a bit more streamlined, and while in many cases it has, it still presented something of a headache for those who wanted to use their device to listen to music in the car, or even just to use their favourite headphones while charging their phones. Finding a decent 3.5mm cable with a Lightning connector is no mean feat, which is likely why Belkin has stepped up to the plate with its latest cable offering.

The company's new 3.5mm audio to Lightning connector comes in two lengths and lets you connect your iPhone directly to your car stereo or home speakers with a single cable. No more clunky dongles. Now, for a wire that replicates the work of an old-school jack-to-jack cable -- which could be picked up for next to nothing -- it's not cheap: $30 for the three-foot cable and $35 for the six-foot. But it's Belkin, so you know it's going to do a good job at letting you revel in retro connectivity for a while longer.

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