Uber shuts down self-driving operations in Arizona

The company hopes to restart autonomous testing in Pittsburgh this summer.

After one of Uber's autonomous cars in Arizona collided with and killed a pedestrian back in March, the state's governor temporarily suspended the program pending investigation. But now the company is shutting down operations in Arizona entirely. An internal email obtained by Ars Technica, Uber executive Eric Meyhofer gave the news to its self-driving division, noting that the company hoped to start its autonomous testing in Pittsburgh this summer.

The shutdown will take several weeks and cost 200 local workers their jobs, reported the Arizona Republic. When the program resumes, it will operate in a more limited way: "When we get back on the road, we intend to drive in a much more limited way to test specific use cases in concert with our Software and Hardware development teams," Meyhofer wrote. Uber's standard ride-sharing operations will continue in Arizona.