Ubisoft's AI-powered gaming assistant is now available

It's still in beta, and only knows English.

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We got a sneak peek at Ubisoft's gamer-centric virtual assistant this past January, but it was only out in Canada in a sort of soft launch. Now, the helpful chatbot named Sam — part of the Ubisoft Club mobile app — is available to everyone worldwide, but still only in English.

Sam uses Google's Dialogflow system to answer all your questions about Ubisoft games and services. It will follow your progress in Ubisoft games and send you real-time stats and tips, which might be useful if you are a huge Rainbow Six: Siege or For Honor player, for example. One of the screens provided by Ubisoft even shows Sam directing players to Rabbid Peach's Instagram account from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. While the assistant is still in beta, Ubisoft says it will continue to evolve and improve over time.

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