Two French teens arrested for hacking Taylor Swift's and Drake's music videos

Paris prosecutors charged them with multiple criminal counts each.

Back in April, hackers managed to deface YouTube music videos by Drake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Shakira and others (including Despacito, the reigning king of views on the platform). The infiltrators swapped out their thumbnails and titles with incendiary and offensive content in an apparent prank. Today, two French teens were arrested in connection with the hack, charging them with several criminal counts each.

The Paris Prosecutor's Office worked with the Manhattan DA's office (where Vevo is based) to bring in the suspects. The former charged French individuals "Gabriel K.A.B." and "Nassim B." with five and six criminal counts, respectively. The videos affected in the hack were all uploaded to Vevo accounts on YouTube, though the company quickly reversed the digital vandalism.