Zipcar rolls out the UK's biggest zero-emission car-share fleet

Over 300 EVs will join Zipcar's London fleet by the end of the year.

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The UK's Zipcar club is going green. This summer, the car-sharing company will begin adding Volkswagen e-Golfs to its London fleet, starting with 100 in July and totalling 325 by the end of the year. Other car clubs already have EVs on the roads in the capital, but the move will make Zipcar the biggest zero-emissions car-share program in the UK.

The vehicles, which are opened by a smartphone app, will be installed in nine central boroughs and at Heathrow Airport, and can be rented by the minute by Zipcar members under its Flex scheme. In a statement, the company said it hoped the scheme would "help break down current barriers to greater electric vehicle adoption and take electric driving from niche to mainstream in the capital". It'll also help put the city on track for London's latest transport strategy, which aims to take the focus away from car ownership and place it on vehicle access instead.

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