Project Fi now works with LG's newest phones and Moto's affordable G6

The G7 and V35 are Fi's first premium devices beyond the Pixel line.

In spite of recent additions, Google's Project Fi hasn't had great device choices. You've hadto buy a Pixel if you want a high-end phone, and the most affordable modern option has been the mid-tier Moto X4. No more -- Project Fi now supports three more third-party phones that fill in some huge gaps in the experimental carrier's roster. You can now use LG's G7 ThinQ and just-unveiled V35 ThinQ, for starters. They're not cheap at $749 and $899 respectively, but they do give you a viable choice if you feel the Pixel 2 is long in the tooth (or just prefer LG's self-branded designs).

The third device, meanwhile, is Fi's first truly low-cost phone. The Moto G6 is priced at $199 and promises a decent amount of power for the price through its 5.7-inch screen, portrait mode photos and 26 hours of claimed battery life.

You can pre-order the G6 today. The G7 and V35 will be available in June, but there's an incentive to wait: you'll get $50 in Fi service credits if you buy one of them in advance. No, these new handsets won't satisfy anyone who wants to use Galaxy S9 with the service, but this at least provides some honest-to-goodness variety.