Philips Hue Sync coordinates your smart lights with your computer

Your lights can "dance" to the beat of the music or mimic the lighting on screen.

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Swapna Krishna
June 1st, 2018
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Earlier this year, Signify announced new integrations for its Philips Hue bulbs that included a Hue Sync app to automatically coordinate your lights with whatever you're doing on your computer. Now, the free Philips Hue Sync app is available for both Mac and PC.

The new app allows users to sync Hue smart light levels and colors to video, games and music. The lights can "dance" to the beat of your music track or mimic the hues you see on your screen. ""Following several entertainment pilots, we've refined the way lighting can be used with games, music and video," Jasper Vervoort, the Head of Marketing and Product Management, Home Systems and Luminaires, said in a release. "Philips Hue offers a unique way to simply match light effects to consumers' content in a fast and synchronized way, delivering an engaging, immersive experience."

Hue Sync is easy to use and operates with just one touch of your desired Audio, Video or Gaming mode within the app. You can tailor the amount of light using Subtle, Moderate, High and Intense settings, as well as choose color palettes for your music listening. You can also use Philips Hue Sync on a television by streaming content from your computer via an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Miracast and HDMI.

The brand is also working with Disney Music Group to use Hue Sync capabilities in the debut music video of the new a cappella singing group DCappella. The song in question is "Immortals," which was featured on the Big Hero 6 soundtrack.

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